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Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf - by Judy Sierra

Book Cover ImageSomewhat mellowed by age, Big Bad Wolf (aka "B.B.") has retired to the Villain Villa Senior Center. When he's invited to attend a Storybook Tea at the local library, B.B. gets a crash course in proper behavior from a friend and even makes up a little ditty to help himself remember: "Sip your tea and never slurp, / Say 'excuse me' if you burp." Although the other partygoers at the tea--which include Little Bo Peep and the Three Little Pigs--are alarmed when the wolf makes his entrance, B.B. keeps his cool and is warmly welcomed by librarian Miss Wonderly. You will love the vibrant digital art full of funny details in this book, and who knows, you might even learn a thing or two about good manners.

Click here to find Mind Your Manners, B.B. Wolf at the library.

If you like following the adventures of B.B. Wolf, make sure that you also check out Tell the Truth, B.B. Wolf in which B.B. tries to tell his own version of the story of his encounter with the Three Little Pigs.

Book Cover ImageClick here to find Tell the Truth, B.B. Wolf at the library.