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Nov 12: Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty Community Conversation

The Mayor’s Advisory Panel on Poverty has six months to develop recommendations on what more we can do to address poverty in London. These recommendations will only work if they are the community’s recommendations.

On November 12, the Panel will begin a month of listening to, learning about, and aggregating the community’s collective understanding of gaps, barriers and solutions for poverty in London. You are invited to join this first conversation:

Community Conversation
Thursday, November 12; 4:00pm – 6:00 pm
Goodwill Industries (255 Horton St. E)
Child-minding available.
Online registration is encouraged. Click here to register.

For more information visit:

The Panel wants to hear from you to help make recommendations for real change. There are many other opportunities over the coming weeks:

Nov 12, 4pm-6pm
Community Conversation (Goodwill Industries)

Nov 12 - Dec 10
discussions for people with lived experience hosted by partner organizations – details provided by partners

Dec 4, 9am-12pm & Dec 9, 1pm-4pm
Delegations for formal presentations to the panel (London Public Library Central Branch) Space is limited – register by contacting

Dec 10, 4pm-6pm
Community Conversation (Goodwill Industries)