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Privacy Matters: Media Literacy Week Nov 5-10

Under this year’s theme of Privacy Matters , Media Literacy Week (November 5-10, 2012) puts the spotlight on the importance of media literacy as a key component in the education of children and youth (and those who work with or care for them). 

London Public Library, in collaboration with MediaSmarts, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation and community leaders across Canada invites London youth, families, adults and educators to make use of the many great resources and events that have been created to help promote an understanding of online privacy and media literacy in general during this special week and throughout the year.

PRIVACY TIP OF THE DAY  (Nov 5 to 10, 2012)

Check out these great tips and links to resources to help you become more aware of your online reputation and privacy settings.  These resources should be helpful for youth, parents, adults and anyone who uses the Internet, smartphones and other online technology.


London Public Library staff have pulled together links to some great interactive games that help children, families and youth learn more about online safety and privacy.  If you don’t have access to a computer or the Internet at home, you can ask staff at any of our library locations to help you try out these games while you’re at the library.


We will be showing the winning NFB Film choices, as voted on by Londoners during the month of October.  Tonight, Monday November 5, join us for Pink Ribbons and The Boxing Girls of Kabul, and tomorrow, Tuesday, November 6, join us for Tagged and Carts of Darkness.  Take a seat to see these fantastic films and help us celebrate Media Literacy Week!


Media Literacy Week is a catalyst for getting everyone thinking about the importance of media literacy.   At London Public Library, we offer resources and activities throughout the year to empower youth with the skills they need for informed and wise media use and to assist parents, adults and educators with their media education needs.

We offer class visits for elementary and high school students at the Central Library on topics such as general media literacy and internet safety.    Our website always contains current and informative links to online media literacy resources.  And we have many materials that you can borrow, such as books and DVDs that can help you learn more about advertising,  the influence of the media and specific issues in the media, such as violence.

Find this information for youth and adults here:

Find information for parents and children here:

And make use of the MediaSmarts website and fantastic resources from this leader in media literacy.