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Silver Birch Non-Fiction Review: Shannen and the Dream for a School

Shannen and the Dream for a SchoolBe inspired by this true story of a kid who made a huge difference in her community! Shannen's school was closed because of a fuel spill that happened 20 years ago in Attawapiskat First Nation in Northern Ontario. In Shannen and the Dream for a School by Janet Wilson you will read how Shannen and her classmates only had a few small portables to learn in, until

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Review: Sable Island

Book Cover: Sable Island  Did you know there is an island in the ocean near Nova Scotia? The wind blows the island a few inches further out to sea every year. If you look in the sand you might find pirate

2011 Charles Taylor Prize

The shortlist has been announced for the 2011 Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Nonfiction:

1.  On the Farm : Robert William Pickton and the Tragic Story of Vancouver's Missing Women / Stevie Cameron

Best Nonfiction of 2010

Looking for great gift ideas? A book is always the perfect gift. Check out these noteworthy picks from 2010: