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Forest of Reading 2013

Blue Spruce Review: You Are Stardust

cover of book entitled You Are StardustDid you ever find pictures in a book that you couldn't stop looking at? You Are Stardust has amazing pictures that will make you want to create your own art! 

Silver Birch Fiction Review: A Tinfoil Sky

Tinfoil Sky book cover imageMagic is believing in yourself; if you can do that, you can make anything happen - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Mel isn't your average kid with an average family. She's seen some pretty tough times living in the old beat up station wagon with her mom, singing for change on the street corner and going hungry a lot

Blue Spruce Review: Really and Truly

Book Cover ImageCharlie has always loved the stories that his grandpa would tell him (like the one about the pirate in the attic!) but since his grandpa got sick he doesn't tell them anymore.  How can Charlie help his grandpa find the smile that

Red Maple Review: Real Justice: Fourteen & Sentenced to Death - The Story of Steven Truscott

Book CoverImagine you are 14 years old and accused of a murder you did not committ, with the punishment of death by hanging! 

Silver Birch Non-Fiction Review: Earth-friendly Buildings, Bridges and More: The Eco-journal of Corry LaPont

Earth-friendly buildings, bridges and more: the eco-journal of Corry LaPontAre you keen on gravity defying architecture, incredible feats of engineering or green technologies that are being used in the coolest buildings around the world? Then check out Earth-friendly Bridges, Buildings and More: The Eco-journal of Corry Lapont.