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Fantasy Fiction

A Blade So Black

By L.L. McKinney

A black teenage girl holds up a blade, framed in an ace of spades

In this brand new fantasy novel (the first in a series), Alice Kingston is an African American teenager, surrounded by police violence in Atlanta, when she suddenly enters the dreamscape world of Wonderland, and is transformed into a fully-fledged hero.

A Blade So Black

By L.L. McKinneyA black teen girl holds up a knife framed inside an Ace of Spades

Shifting Realities

Book Cover ImageEphemera. A world crafted of broken realities held together by magical bridges that often take you where you need to go, not where you intend. Belladonna has the power to save the realms from the Eater of the World, but dark magic attempts to thwart her at every turn.

The Wild Ways

cover image

Canadian Author Tanya Huff has been writing novels based in Canada for years - including one of her Blood books set just outside of London!

100 Cupboards by Nathan D Wilson

Book Cover Image

When Henry York comes to stay with his Aunt and Uncle in a sleepy Kansas town, the last thing he expects to find is adventure. The timid twelve-year-old has just settled into his attic bedroom when a mysterious thump against his bedroom wall creates a suspicious crack in the plaster, revealing two curious knobs hiding beneath.