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What's a Database?

What’s an Information Database?
  • some contain a collection of magazine, journal and newspaper articles that you can search from a computer. Others such as Novelist provide reading recommendations based on your criteria and book information. You can even research your family history or find instructions for fixing your car in some databases. Some databases even have entire books!
  • most databases provide a combination of summaries and the entire article (full-text)
Why would I want to use these?

Have you ever needed information and someone else had already borrowed the book? Have you found yourself spending time searching on the Internet and trying to decide which information was accurate and current?
The articles in the information databases are

  • accurate
  • objective
  • current
  • reliable
  • easy and quick to find
  • covering a variety of subjects such as medical information, car repair, genealogy, consumer help: it’s all there!
Can’t I just get these off the Internet?

No, most of these articles you have to pay to read on the Internet. We have paid for you to have access to these databases through our website.


How do I “open” a database?

Access is free with a valid London Public Library card in good standing! Just click on the picture of the database you wish to explore, type in your library card number and click on “authenticate”. See the list of databases.


Can I print or email my results?

Absolutely! You can print, email and save your results when copyright allows.


Can anyone help me with these?

Some databases will have links in their descriptions on our database page to brief video tutorials for that specific database.
You may also watch this general "how to search a database" tutorial provided by Ebsco which gives an overview of the kinds of information and search options provided by databases.

You may also telephone us at 519-661-4600 or visit your local London Public Library and a staff member will be happy to assist you!